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First Nations International Engagement a path to Self-Determination

First Nations International Engagement a path to Self-Determination

First Nations International Engagement is essential in building not only the economic, political and social standing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples but it is also fundamental in ensuring that the identity, message, needs, wants, hopes and aspirations of our people are placed at the forefront at home and abroad. As the oldest diplomats in the world ensuring we take up the mantle of bringing our world together at a time of so much division is crucial in not only our own story but that of the wider world also.

Jesse Martin

Jesse T Martin is a Wagadagam and Yuin man whose work in the community development and impact space for better outcomes and self-determination for First Nations people has led him to found the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander International Engagement Organisation (ATSIIEO). Through building First Nations partnerships with the international community Mr Martin looks to achieve an independent future for First Nations peoples as we embark on the forging of trade links, cross-cultural exchange, economic development and partnerships, educational pathways and exchange as well as ensuring that an undiluted First Nations perspective is delivered to the international community by community members who call these communities home. By ensuring that First Nations peoples are able to portray their own story, identity, needs, wants, aspirations and hopes for the future Mr Martin believes we can rewrite the dynamic on how we see the world, and how the world sees us.

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